Tips for a healthy pregnancy

Pregnancy is a nice for a few, hard time for the others. It is a challenging time when a woman is passing through unique physical, mental and social changes. She has to face many troubles which can be very disturbing for her many times. Here are a few tips which can be helpful for you in facing various changes while your pregnancy.

First of all, you need to see a doctor or a midwife, as soon as possible. Get in touch for the antenatal care. Get good advises from your expert to start a healthy pregnancy. Organize your ultrasound scans and tests.

Eat a healthy diet. You should always try to eat a healthy and balanced diet. Balanced diet plays a very important role in the development of fetus as well as of the mother. Aim to a healthy and balanced diet. Take in plenty of carbohydrates. Eat pasta, bread and rice. Eat protein in your daily diets. Eat eggs, nuts, pulses and milk.

Take a food supplement in your diet, daily. Make sure that your food supplement is giving you 400 micrograms of folic acid in your diet daily. Trying for a baby, this dose is mandatory for the first three months of your pregnancy. It also minimizes the development of neural tube defect (e.g. spina bifida). If you do not take in fish, take a fish supplement. Do not take in cod liver oils as it has retinol in it, but only during pregnancy.

Be very conscious about your meal health. The food you are taking in must be properly cooked or fully ripened. Avoid unpasteurized milk, undercooked food, soft or under-ripened fruits and vegetables and junk foods. Avoid salmonella as it may cause food poisoning. Cook eggs till full hard or solid. Do not eat under-cooked or half boiled eggs. Eat thoroughly cooked food. Wash your hand immediately after coming from outside or after gardening. Give special attention to your hygienic habits.

Take exercise regularly. It builds up your strength and you can cope extra weight gain. Fight depression and boost your spirits by meditation. Hard work of labor and regular exercise helps in getting into proper shape soon after delivery. For this purpose, you can do brisk walking, swimming, yoga and Pilates. You can also do pelvic floor exercises throughout your pregnancy. It is optimal to do eight pelvic floor squeezes thrice a day for your good health during pregnancy.

Cut down alcohol from your diet. If you are a regular smoker, skip down smoking of your routine. Minimize the intake of caffeine in your diet. About 200 mg of caffeine does not harm your baby in the womb. It means, you can take two cups coffee or tea in your meal per day.

Finally, take care of your rest. Take a proper sleep. You can also take a nap in the middle of the day. Backache is also a common problem in the pregnant ladies. You can sleep on your side with your knees bend to minimize backache.…